Pro needed - think i have a dead mobo

Where to start,
Everything turn on but its a total black screen (no siganl alert gone but getting a black screen). I tried: other RAM stick, other GPU. The thing is that i dont have any PC speaker to diagnose the beep sequences so i went to a shop near where i live to burrow one.

The shop is pretty bad, but hey, they have PC speaker so i was happy. Thing is that its a no beeps at all. But were sure its between the board or the CPU. We turn the pc on without the CPU and still nothing, no beeb, nothing. Im not a pro in troubleshooting this kind of thing and the tech had no knowledge with AMD. So my question, even without the CPU, what is suppose to happen when u fire up ur pc?? He told me that, with Intel, something is suppose to happen... In my case, i had no beeps at all even without the CPU in... Before doing a RMA, i want to know if its the board or the CPU.

What you guys think and did you saw something like that before?
thx (sorry for my english, im french)
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  1. Forgot to post specs:
    Gigabyte 890FXA-UD5 rev.2.0 - F3 BIOS
    PhenomII 965@4100Ghz, 1.450v / Scythe Yasya - Ultra Kaze fan... Idle@35, Load@47-48 - NB@2600
    G.Skills Ripjaws@1600Mhz, 7-7-7-20 1T
    HD 5870 XFX XXX@925/1275
    Corsair TX750
    Antec 902 - Custom
  2. Welcome Newcomer. Before seeking an RMA, try the steps in our troubleshooting guide. Follow the link in my signature. There is more than one reason for a no boot/no display problem, and your situation doesn't sound like anything new.

    Make sure that you perform each possible step; skipping will leave room for more doubt. If nothing in the checklist helps, follow the guide to breadboarding, which is at the end of the troubleshooting guide linked in my signature.

    After you've gone through that list, come back with the results and any observations you have.
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