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I have been experiencing lately some kind of texture problem that I didn t use to have. Most games I have look great at first glance but when you look closely you notice some textures are very muddy and low res.

I notice this because I played this games with top notch quality and now something is lacking. This started when I was installing Mass effect 2 and switched drivers a few times because the game kept crashing (crashing issue was solved with another workaround).

I even played mass effect 2 with top quality textures,all of them, but the next day I noticed this lack of resolution. Tried other games and the same problem was present there also.

Up until now I've tried switching drivers back and forward (properly,uninstalling and then using driver sweeper in safe mode), googled for answers without success, I even formated my entire computer to see if it would solve it. Nothing worked yet.

Any hint of what is causing this would be helpful.

My specs are:

Windows 7 ultimate 32bit
Powercolor 5750 with 10.1 drivers (including mass effect 2 hotfix)
e8500 @ 3.16
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  1. Tried changing settings using CCC?
  2. What about the temps?
    u can try your card on another computer to see whether the card is broke or not... :)
  3. Temperatures are ok always between 45 and 55ºC .Tried changing every setting in CCC, nothing fixed the textures.

    Its only some textures that are not displayed in high resolutions, not all. I play games in maximum settings so its easy to notice for example a High Res wall texture and then a low res piece of paper next to it.

    The card is new,not even 2 months. And I've played all the games I have with it without any kind of problems. Really don t know what is wrong, hard to believe some part of it that reads only some kind of textures just stopped working.
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