Lapping CPU - but get round edges!

What am I doing wrong? I started lapping my CPU, but I it seems that the edges are not quite the same level as the rest of the CPU surface!

Can anyone help me?
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  1. Can you take a picture and post it so we can see what your situation is?
  2. Yes. It is a little better now after more time at the 2000:

    (This is an older picture)
  3. You're already 100% copper showing, have you test fitted your heatsink to see what the footprint looks like?

    When you Lapp, the CPU has got to be 100% flat to the lapping surface, and the lapping surface has to be 100% flat, but since you're already into the copper, you need to exercise some serious caution.

    I'd test fit the heatsink to the CPU and check the contact footprint between the heatsink and CPU before going any further, it would help if you could post a picture of that also.
  4. Well, it don't touche at the edges.

    Do you want me to take a picture of it with the cooler over it, from the side? Because it is pretty hard!...
  5. No, remove the heat sink and take a picture of the thermal compound footprint on the CPU heat spreader.
  6. Ok. I have not tried to put it into the computer yet because that I haven't received all the parts for my system. But if you like I've try to put some thermal compound on anyway.
  7. Don't you have the motherboard and heat sink, it doesn't have to be in the case to trial fit the heat sink.
  8. Hello again. I found a Pro to it that might help me. I'll write back how it went.
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