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Stock i5-3570k hitting 106C; damaged heatsink or faulty CPU?

November 26, 2012 7:14:08 PM

I suppose I damaged the stock heatsink when installing. It looked like it had been re-box'd. Some of the black push pins/plastic spreaders for the mobo holes were already suppressed. I broke one of the latches on the push pin which is likely weakening the pressure on the cpu. It still looks spread out and tight tho when looking at the mobi from the bottom.

ANYWAYS, when I'm playing a more cpu intensive game like ps2 or dayz, the cpu utilization sits somewhere between 60-80%. Per CoreTemp, the temps jump to to 80C almost immediately. After 15 or so minutes, they get to 105C. 106C is the highest I saw.

CPU is at stock speed (around 38C idle) , using stock HSF, mobo is ASus p8z77 v pro. I'm wanting to buy a new cooler regardless, but an issue is that the microcenter I purchased the CPU at is 45 minutes away. It's not easy taking multiple trips for exchanges/additional purchases. I am going today to get a HSF/Corsair hydro h100.

I'll happily take HSF recommendations as well. Have to keep in mind that i'm using vengeance memory which almost doubles the height of the sticks. I believe larger HSF will not fit with this memory. I also believe the h100 is not a guarantee fit in my carbide 300r case.