Raising CPU voltage for OC'ing (AMD)

Okay here's the deal guys, I have a BIOSTAR TA785GE motherboard paired with a C3 stepping Phenom II X2 555. The CPU is unlockable and completely stable at 3.5GHz on stock voltage, But my motherboards CPU voltage settings seem to really suck. I can only up the voltages by increments of 0.050 and that is too much. When raising from stock voltage which is 1.408V it goes up to 1.488 when I add just 0.050 and thats just too much of an increase. After 0.050, 0.100 would increase it to 1.52V. I remember having a gigabyte MOBO before this one and the cpu voltage settings were awesome, I was able to get many different stable clocks because I was able to adjust voltages by 0.025. Does anyone know if there is a BIOS version out there that can help me change it to 0.025 ? I remember way back when I got this board I had to change the bios version to a custom one to be able to unlock x2 phenoms, Thanks !!
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  1. The board's voltage regulators have a huge say in how voltage is produced and being a stabalizing factor to the CPU, etc. Especially when OCing. A BIOS version can not change the VR's you have. A new board with enhanced multi phase voltage regulation may be what you are after. I'm not familiar with your specific MB, so someone who is may have more specific related info.
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