Chipset and DDR 3 Frequency with Intel CPUs

Short & to the point: does the Chipset have anything to do with the frequency of the DDR 3 modules installed in a Core i5 system?

Longer: does it have any importance if I install greater frequency modules? I know i5 likes 1066 / 1333 best (according to Intel's website at least).

Or is this purely a CPU issue since with i5/i7 the memory controller is integrated with the CPU (if my memory serves).
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  1. Anybody?
  2. The chipset doesnt have anything to do with the frequency that is all controlled by the processor now, If you install modules with a higher frequency you would have to overclock the RAM to reach that frequency as it is not natively supported by the processor.

    If you have DDR3-1333 stay with it you wont see any difference moving to DDR3-1600
  3. Hi ::- ). Thanks for answering! You mean I would have to overclock the processor, right?
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