Waiting Fermi to drop 5870's price. Wise?

I'm going to buy 5870 for my new build, but I guess the price will considerably drop after Fermi's release. But I don't know how much it'll drop within few months after Fermi.... Should I wait another 2~3 months, or just buy 5870 now?? I just can't make my decision.... Anyone in similar situation?
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  1. That's like hoping that a new Learjet will drive down the price of subway tickets.

    By which I don't mean that ATI's cards are any worse than Nvidia's -- just that Fermi is going to be ridiculously overpriced and won't drive down the price of anything. I'm betting that they'll be $600 when they release, and people will still buy them just because they insist on having Nvidia or on having the Latest Big Expensive Gadget (they will trade in their crossfired 5870s to get this).

    I'd still wait a couple months, though. The price of 5870s is due to come down on its own, simply because most of the people willing to pay $400 for one have already done so.
  2. Right now microcenter is SHIPPING THE 5870 for 351.00 and 6 dollars shipping.
    Saw this deal at Hocp hot deals.
    Its not brick and mortar.
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