Macbook Pro Modern Warfare 2 Xp Video Issues!!

i have a Macbook pro 2.66 Ghz with nvidia 9600m gt 256mb and i installed modern warfare 2 in Windows Xp i can play in decent fps( 1440x900 with 2x AA) but when i turn off AA to improve my screen ripples when someone throughs a stun grenade at me. It works fine in windows vista and 7 but the problem is only in XP..
ps.. I used updated snow leopard driver but it makes no difference... CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ?
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  1. Avoid stun gernades.
  2. by any chance did you look at the min system req, 6600GT, you got a 9600m, lack memory and is slightly better GPU than the 6600GT, so turn all the eye candy off and reduce the resoultion, stay away from stun grenades because the double vision overwhelms the GPU
  3. Kind of hard to avoid stuns, I was joking. Lots of sprayer noobs love flash bangs and go around throwing them every 3 seconds.
  4. hi i found the solution my self...I turned of the shadow and it works fine...thnx a lot for ur help
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