How to: wireless for internet & wired lan same PC

Hi, I can't seem to get this to work - please help

My landlord supply's free internet via wireless
1.) I have a wireless adapter to my desktop for internet (it works perfectly if only one plugged in)
2.) I have a router for LAN - need to connect to my NAS storage, Network printer, Laptop etc.. (it also works perfectly if only one plugged in)

Problem is **** once I plug in BOTH then nothing works.
(no ip conflict I checked)

In other words:
I need to be able to run wireless adapter for internet AND wired lan for backup & file share AT THE SAME TIME, again these both work one at a time (by either unplugging or disabling the adapter) I need them to work at the same time together.

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  1. OK, here goes nothing. You need a wireless bridge with a static IP address in the range of your landlord's wireless network but outside the DHCP Range. Connect that to the WAN port of your wireless router. The IP address of your wireless router needs to be in a different range then your landlord's. All your network devices should then be attached to your wireless router using DHCP.
  2. You shouldn't need to buy or add anything new to fix this problem.
    What's most likely happening is your landlord's router provides the same DHCP range as your router, so all you should need to do is change the DHCP range on your router to something different (say,
  3. pepperman is correct.

    if the wireless signal is giving you one set of tcp/ip configuration addresses, and then your router is doing the same... it's not going to work.

    if both are you'd need to change the ip's on the router... if the routers IP is different from that of the wireless router, you could manually set your ip addresses on your LAN ports to include the ip address of the wireless router for the gateway.
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