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Hello. I recently came across an old computer of mine. It is the last one I used before switching to macintosh, but I've recently become very annoyed by macs and have been considering switching back.

While it isn't really in my budget to go out and buy a new computer right now, I thought it would be extremely fun to repair/rebuild my old computer. I opened it up yesterday to find a large amount of dust. I am talking about handfuls on the bottom and some layered everywhere else.

Now, I don't know that much about the actual hardware of computers. I have a very basic understanding of what most of the components are, and the word "drivers" is still foreign to me. Yes, I will most likely end up breaking my computer , but that is okay.

The computer is filled with all sorts of spyware, and malware, a ton of junk programs etc. My ultimate goal is to get it back up and running like a computer that was ~2 years old would be running. Not cutting edge, but actually able to preform more than getting to the internet extremely slowly.

In fact, the computer is so bad, I downloaded a game on it yesterday to see how well it would run it. After downloading, I opened up the game, and it immediately closed. I tried this multiple times.

I know that my first order of business is to clean the computer out, but after that I am not sure what to do. I read an article on the internet about cleaning dust out. I will need a can of compressed air, and one of those white mouth-cover things. I'll probably gets some gloves to get out the handfuls of dust on the bottom out first.

Any tips on how to proceed would be appreciated. I'm mostly going to wing this, taking everything one step at a time. And if I screw up, oh well.
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  1. Well that sounds like all the hardware itself is fine. So yeah, you just need to blow the dust out and then probably do a new install of windows. I bet it would run fine at that point. (that would get rid of all the random programs that have apparently built up on the hard drive.)
  2. I forgot to mention that the graphics card hasn't worked since years before I switched over to the mac. I do believe that it only has 512mb ram. I'll be wanting to switch/add both. I also do not have another copy of its windows. It is currently running the original windows XP
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