9800gx2 over heating problem?

My 9800gx2 currently idles at around 80C. When under load i have seen it go past 115C with fans at 100%. It is a PNY XLR8 9800gx2, my case has two front intakes and one back output and one top out put, any ideas if there is a problem with the card, or is it my cooling system. Also from what i have heard the max temp is 105 yet it has gone over that without shutting down.

Help and comments appreciated.
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  1. bump.
  2. Stop stop STOP playing with that card. You WILL fry it eventually.

    Check to see if the thermal paste is gone; if so, apply more.

    Try adding another exhaust fan.

    Try keeping your case open with a desktop fan blowing into it.
  3. Get a can of compresed air and blast out any dust there maybe in the cooler and if that isn't enough replace the old crappy stock compound with arctic silver 5.
  4. I came to the conclusion that i shouldn't play anything at all, I also run nVidia monitor and shut down the computer if it passes 95. Ok I guess I will check it out on the inside when i have time.
  5. Don't worry about any condensation, any water that forms will evaporate very quickly and if there is nothing that can conduct any current like any salt or such then you will be ok. Hell even with very nasty rigs I some times would wash the boards under the tap when air isn't good enough (smokers can do havoc on computers) and is very simple just make sure that it gets dry quick.
  6. Yeah, I just havent had much experience with GPU maintenance, every other part of the computer, just not the graphics O.o
  7. u can try an aftermarket cooler...
  8. wa1 said:
    u can try an aftermarket cooler...

    This is a dual planar card and the only after market solution for this card that doesn't count as a mod is a water block but he won't be doing that since he/she is a noob and is pricey to set up. Just blast it with compressed air and if that don't help replace the stock compound. Look on youtube for videos how to take this card apart if it came to that.
  9. ^
    yeah, water cooler are expensive.
    To OP: try as nforce4max said... :)
  10. Yeah i have already replaced the paste, it didn't do anything however, i cleaned out the entire card, seems like the actual heat sink is damaged though. I have decided to send it back in for RMA, that way they will replace the heat sink and i keep my insurance :)
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