I think I got incompatible memory

Hey all, Just got my shipment from Newegg in today and I am pretty sure I made a mistake.

My mobo is Asus M4A79XTD Evo and the memory isn't listed on Asus's qualified vendors list.

Here are the links for the motherboard and the memory.

What should I do??? Can this not work and if it can work what kind of risks am i taking on?



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  1. Are you concerned about the "manufactured for Intel blah blah..." on the RAM? That's just marketing-speak that means that it runs at 1.65 V or less. The RAM should work fine in your motherboard.
  2. I figured it would work fine when i bought it but when i looked up the ram on the mobo's qualifed vendor list it wasnt on there and thats why i am concerned.
  3. The RAM will work fine. Don't worry. I recently built a similar system with an ASUS motherboard and G.Skill RAM and everything worked perfectly.
  4. The ones they put on the list are just the ones they've actually bothered to test. They don't test them all.
  5. dude this will work just fine great ram by the way!!!!
  6. It'll work, the board's pdf shows a similar ram tested but it's a cas9.

    Just adjust the timings and voltage (if need) and you'll be fine.
  7. it will default to 1333 so you may have to change some settings anyway
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