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I just recently performed a clean install of Windows XP using the restore disc I received from Dell. The disc indicates that it is Windows XP Media Center 2005 roll up 2. Well, my system says that I only have XP Media 2002. I'm puzzled as to why this happened. Now I can't download software for my Zune, and there are other issues. I had used this disc before to install on the hard drive when it was new, and that was a year and a half ago and I didn't have the issues I'm having now. I'm wondering if I missed a step somewhere with the re-install process. Any thoughts?
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  1. Have you contacted DELL since that's the desk they sent you?

    Have you done the Windows updates after you did the base restore? Install all the drivers?

    Would help if you actually listed "other issues" and exactly why you can't download the software.
  2. Haven't contacted Dell. Was going to do that next. I did the install a couple of weeks ago, and have been slowly getting my system to where I could even get updates etc. All updates were done, and drivers reinstalled and updated. I just discovered the issue with the os discrepancy yesterday after being puzzled as to why I couldn't download the software for Zune. I'm wondering if I'm going to need to go through the clean install process again....
  3. Take a look here

    You can't upgrade one to the other, you will need to re-install Windows, the disk may have been the wrong one.
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