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I am looking for any suggestions on how to run two separate HDMI sources at the same time-separate source. I currently can not find any receiver on the market that can do this. So I have turned to the idea of building a HTPC-something I always wanted to do anyway :) My current ideal situation would be to run two separate room tv's on one HTPC, controlling DVR,Blue Ray, XBox360 and Cable. At this point if it can be done price is not a problem. :??:
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  1. Peep delta, homie.


    This one my friend has. I have seen it work, its cool.

    The only downside is that you will not be able to play the same source on both TVs. IE, you could have source 1 go to tv 1, but then only use source 2, 3,4 on TV 2.

    I'm jealous that you even need something like this.
  2. hmm... are trying to run different things all at the same time? that can get tricky..
  3. darkjuggalo2000 said:
    hmm... are trying to run different things all at the same time? that can get tricky..

    Simply yet, between the different units I have all using HDMI
    HD Tivo
    Apple TV

    The scenario would be that one person could be in one room(LCD TV-HDMI) watching one source. the other person could be in the second room watching(LCD TV-HDMI) watching a second source- not the same source.

    Basically two independent sources, not parallel and not one HDMI or the other outputting only like most receivers have.

    thanks for the help :D
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