Ok, I will admit ATI makes a good product.

ATI does make good graphics cards. The reason I have been bashing their graphics cards lately is because I had to deal with a extremely annoying fiasco of an ATI 5850 I purchased not working properly on my PC's Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard. I do realize that my PC's motherboard has an N-Force chipset, causing the ATI card to not work properly, but that's no excuse IMO. Anyways, truth be told, I am actually considering going completely AMD/ATI for the next gaming PC I build for myself in a year or so, depending on what is good at that time. I like AMD processors alot, and an ATI graphics card would probably work really well on a non-Nvidia chipset motherboard. The ATI X800 XT video card that was previously in my Powermac G5 was actually really good until it went bad after 2 years. And even the ATI card currently in my Powermac G5 is good for what it is.

I really like Intel and Nvidia stuff alot and my new Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 285 is awesome, but lately Intel and Nvidia products have been getting expensive. That's the main reason I am considering AMD/ATI for my next gaming PC. AMD/ATI does have the best price/performance ratio.

Anyways, peace out.
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  1. heh good :)

    am hoping AMD come out with a stronger CPU soon - then will jump back to them for my next CPU too to mix with the 5850 I think I will be getting real soon :D

    A few years back I couldn't resist the Q6600 (can do 3.6GHz happily priming or folding all night long) - am still very happy with it. Made a Great improvement over my old single core AMD Opteron 64 @ 2.5GHz
  2. Hopefully Bulldozer lives up to its name.
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