Asus motherboard p7p55d-pro WONT start

I assembled a unit when I tried to install the Windows 7 it would not boot. I couldn't get out of the window indicating it would not boot - So I turned off the unit.

I tried to start it again immediately and there was no Power. I tried again & again.

It does not have any power whatsoever.

I suspect it has to do with my turning it off when it would not boot.

Is there anything I can do ???
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  1. Hi TC

    I own a P7P55D-E Pro board and the board does take some time to start the POST.
    What I did come across is that after adding all my drives and GPU's etc... I blew the power supply 500W this might be you case to as i don't know how many devices you plugged in. Another test you can do is reset the BIOS. Also exchange memory if you are running more than 1 module. Also make sure the memory is seated properly. In most cases it is the PSU that goes 1st. Lastly try replacing the GPU.

    Good luck
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