Defective Video card?

Everytime i bootup my PC, the fan on my video card goes straight up to 100% i checked some temperature checking programs, and one said it was at -162C (obviously not true...) and ATI Catalyst said 127C. The strange thing is even if i raised or lowered the fan level, the GPU temp would not drop or raise 1 degree. so im beginning to think my video card just thinks that it is overheating when it is actually not. is this a possibility? or do i just have a defective video card.

when i touch the video card after turning it off, its not that hot. warm/hotish at the max, but not burning hot. i even left my PC on playing L4D2 for an hour or so, and nothing i presumed (risky i know haha and dumb) since it was running at 127C something more should of happened...

think i should RMA the card? i ticketed XFX a while ago, still no response...
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  1. huum...XFX didnt response when the problem is from their side .... i also ask some questions from them and they reply only once....and now m returning my card fro RMA.....:(
  2. Full specs? How old is the card? XFX is usually prompt in responding.
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