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So I have a Corsair H100 liquid cooling unit for my i7-2600K clocked @4.3 GHz and I believe the temps are a little too high than they should be. I have it set to high performance on the fan controller and I have a push pull config in my Cooler Master HAF X. My idle temps are around 33-39 degrees celcius and I believe my load temps are around 49-55 degrees celcius. Is it me or does that seem a little high? Also I want to buy new fans to put on the H100 so does anyone have any suggestions? I want the best fans for my rad for maximum performance.
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    Perfectly fine, in fact they are very low. Either use the stock fans on the lowest setting, or get some corsair SP120's.
  2. I forgot to mention that the room I use it in is always hot and stuffy so if you think those temps are good then they should only get better when the room temp cools down. And I saw those, I think I want the performance edition sSP120s but I heard Noctua makes better fans.
  3. They won't really make your temperatures that much better from what it is now.
  4. really? Well I have one fan thats kinda cracked so I definetly want to replace that one. I think I might just buy 4 new SP120 performance editions so it all matches haha. but thanks for your input!
  5. Your temps are perfectly fine and low. You can even set your i7 2600k at 4.6 Ghz if you want. If you are under 65 at load, you are perfectly fine.

    Noctua makes the quietest fans, get them only if you need silence. Your temps won't improve by much by changing fans.
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