Striker II Extreme - Windows 7 will not detect SPDIF or Digital Out

First off, system specifications:

Striker II Extreme
Windows 7 64Bit

I've had this computer for two years now, I've recently bought a new system and transfered these parts into a new case. Prior to doing this everything worked fine, no issues at all.

Now, when I boot into Windows, it will just not recognise that the motherboard has SPDIF or Digital Out.

I've tried plugging in the Supreme FX II, but Windows does not recognise this either.

There's also nothing in the device manager that would suggest that they exist.

When running the first test to see if everything works, I accidentally clipped the BIOS reset button at the rear and completely reset my BIOS. Two years ago, my brother set the BIOS up for me, so I don't know which settings he had.

I've gone through and made sure it sets "HD Audio" to "Enabled"

I've been through the ASUS forums and tried all kinds of things, such as disabling LAN 2. I've tried installing the suggested soundcard drivers on the ASUS support page, but I get the following error "The audio driver does not support your hardware"

I've been at this for at least 3 hours now and I'm about ready to give up.
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  1. Holy ******* *** I am an idiot.

    I didn't notice the board has its own soundcard slot, which is black, and was shadowed by the other parts.

    Problem solved.

    Oh lawd I'm mad at myself.
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