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i have a 240 swiftech radiator,can i use a cable splitter to link two of those 120mm rad fans and route them both onto a single fan slot for my asus p6x58d mobo? can i also route two cooler master megaflow 200mm fans using fan splitter+one motherboard fan slot? i know fan controllers got 10~40 watts per channel and daisy chaining lots of fans to one channel for the controller can end up frying it or the fans not performing well,but does that apply to motherboards aswell? do motherboards also have maximum watts it can take per channels for fans aswell? i just plan on combining two 200mm and two 120mm fans to just use two chassis fan channels for the mobo to have more mobo fan slots open for extra fans :)

and i cant buy another fan controller,as i'm done buying another $60 fan controller,and yes,i do need that much more fans lol
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  1. There is definitely a maximum current allowable through any fan connector on any MB. The max allowable should be listed in the manual. If you ignor it the max you do so at your own peril.
  2. ^ I understand, but I would not run (2) high CF off the CPU_Fan, if you need to make them variable then purchase a 4+ channel fan controller; otherwise run at 100% off a Molex connection from the PSU.

    Also, depending upon the "pump" {current requirments} you can run it off the MOBO CPU_FAN; in the BIOS run pump at 100%. The pump is by far more important to monitor for failure than that of the fans.
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