Weird sound problem..

Well, im having this weird problem with my sound card.. im using Windows vista prem. But the problem this
ill start windows up, the sound will sometimes be working.. as 5mins go by, if that the sound stops working...
If im on youtube or something like that it Freezes the window, and i then have to force quit it...
OR if the sound is not working, when i go to youtube it will freeze i play a video, it only does that though if it has the sound as working, but really not working... and the only way for me to make it stop freezing, is to disable the sound card, Ive already tried unstalling the sound device driver.. but that does not seem to work...
do you guys have any idea?
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  1. You use the integrated sound card on the mobo? Reinstall the driver.
  2. I have reinstalled the driver. it does not seem to work? any other ideas?
  3. my final question, If i restore my computer to factory settings, would it even help? if my computer can not detect the sound card right now?
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