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I have recently built my first water cooling rig and while stress testing the CPU I seem be be getting a large difference in tempertures between the different cores on my CPU

System specs are:
mobo: Asus sabertooth Z77
CPU: i5 3570k
Waterblock: Heatkiller CPU Kuhler REV 3.0 Black Nickel
Stress Test: Prime 95
Temp sensor: Realtemp 3.70
TIM: Arctic silver

Under 100% load Realtemp shows the the highest core temp as 60 degrees and the lowest temp core as 49 degrees with the other 2 cores as 57 and 54. Is it normal for there to be such a large difference in tempertures? If it is not normal how can I fix it?

Note: I used the boards Turbo boost feature to Auto Overclock the chip as I am still researching how to overclock properly. Im hitting 4223.81 MHz
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    Perfectly fine.

    There will always be core temperature variations!
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  3. thanks, I knew there would slight variation but never realized it would be by about 10 degrees
  4. Yep, I have an i7-3770k and at idle I have about 10 deg C variation, under load it evens out to within a few degrees C (~3-4 C). Funny part is, the "Hottest" idle core is the "Coolest" load core. I tried re-seating my first heatsink twice (hyper 212+) with no discernible difference. I changed the TIM and even bought a new heatsink (NH-D14) and it lowered the temps overall, but still had the same variation.

    I know there should be some temperature variation but I thought this was a bit much (the cores on my old AMD 965 were normally within 1-2 deg C of each other). After searching the internet, and debating returning my CPU, it seems like this is normal, and probably related to the fact Intel used cheap TIM paste instead of solder under the heatsink spreader.
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