Need Advice on NEW video card $160 budget

So I am looking at purchasing a new video card. I don't play many games, usually older games (Baldur's Gate and Myst). I am starting to see that my XFX 4350 just isnt cutting it for some of my online mmo's, DDO and Guild Wars, medium settings for both. Stuck to a budget of no more than $160 ( including s/h and tax ) I'm wondering what I should get. I have Dragon Age and want to play it, but haven't tried to install just cause I want a new card before I play. I'd like to stick with ATI as my board is crossfire capable for the future.

Here's what I'm using:

AMD Athlon II x2 240 2.8
Gigabyte ma-ga790GPT-UD3H
4gb DDR3 1333
Raidmax 530w PSU
XFX Radeon HD4350
19" Monitor 1440x900 720p
42" TV 1920x1080 1080p

I plan to only run my monitor but if I can I'd like to use my tv at times. Any Advice would be appreciated. thanks.
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    If you max out your budget you can buy a HD 5770:

    If you wanna spend less than your max budget, then consider the following HD 5750 for $130. Check it out very fast 'cause it is a 24 hour sale. Don't know when the sale started:
  2. Either card will crush your HD 4350.

    Of course, the HD 5770 will be the faster of the two.
  3. I'm a "warranty-whore" so to speak and I have been happy with my XFX 4350, as I have had no problems with it. With that being said the XFX 5750 puts me at $158 tax and s/h included from newegg. Will this card run Dragon Age for me with my posted specs from above?
  4. There is a 5770 for 9 dollars more, a xfx one.
    $164.99 + 1.99 shipping.

    Just noticed, if you use this link, a combo deal. They throw in Battleforge for free.
    They say a 29.99 value
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  6. you can also get an nvidia 9800 and GTS 250 for less than that from newegg too
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