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I have 2 GTX680s CUII TOP 3 slot in SLI on Asus P8z77-v deluxe mobo. They are very close together. :cry: I have the Coolermaster HAF X and figured I could use the VGA Duct with a 120mm fan to help with cooling.

Unfortunately I did not pay attention and the VGA Duct with 120mm wont fix because the cards are too long. I just finished putting the comptuer together so have not had a chance to check temps or do any benchmarking.

I was looking for suggestion to make sure I could get the cards cooled enough. I have the 140mm rear 1000rpm 61cfm, 2 top 200mm 700 rpm 110 cfm,
side 200mm 700rpm 110cfm and front 230mm 110cfm 700 rpm. Also have the Phanteks Heatsink with 2 140mm fans facing rear (700-1200 rpm 45--78 cfm).

I possibly could cut off part of the VGA duct so it fits.

Any help appreciated. :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo:

In case info needed, I have 3770k (have not done any overclocking yet), 120hz BenQ 3d moniter.
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  1. Are the temperatures of the two cards of concern? The DCUII is a very good cooler.
  2. I have not checked any temperatures yet because I just put the computer together. Right after I had it running I just felt the cards and the 1st one was nice and cool like touching cold metal and the top card was luke-warm. Hence my concern and the post before any real testing. I was trying to be pro-active. I will check it out and re-post in a few days with actual benchmarks/temps.
  3. Alright, get back with those temps.
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