6 or 8 gigs of what kind?

I'm still learning so sorry if this has been answered already.

I'm about to buy an ASUS Crosshair IV with the Phenom 965 CPU, and Radeon 5850.
I wanted to know what is the best name/types of DDR3 memory that works better with these boards or does it matter? Like....am I supposed to get the 1600 or 2000 version? Plus I saw something that said Hyper-threading, and so-and-so but at an extra $40 for the same amount of mem? Can I just get a couple names you guys like using? :)

Also if it matters, I'm going to run Windows 7 Pro 64 bit for a few games like LOTRO, movies, music, and multi-tasking several non-intensive apps, maybe while I've got LOTRO open. Do I need more of it towards 8 gigs or will 6 be just cutting it?

Oh I almost forgot...does it matter getting multiple 2 gig sticks and filling all 4 of the slots? Vs. getting just two of the 4 gig sticks only filling 2 of the 4 slots. :::shrug::::
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  1. Asking is always good, so no worries! :)
    Well between 1600 and 2000,I'd recommend going with 1600 because its cheaper and also the difference between them isn't noticeable in games/apps.
    Hyper-threading is for the CPU(Its for some Intel models such as the latest i7 CPUs)
    For your tasks,4GB is enough, i would recommend 8GB only if you have multiple pages of Image/Video editing opened at the same time.
  2. Hi jaycruz and welcome to Tom's hardware forum.

    If u are thinking in a 6GB (3x2GB) kit that kit only can run in single channel since AMD don't support tri-channel.

    Now I think that 8GB are overkill unless that u work with many adobe or Autocad applications at the same time.

    This G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 are very good for price/performance.
  3. The difference in speed between 1600 MHz and 2000 Mhz will be 2-6 FPS, but the cost factor is something that needs to be factored-in and weighed against; instead I would buy 1600 MHz DDR and use the savings for a better GPU.

    In addition, "Best Practices" - use either Certified or Tested and the same Part-Number {Speed, CAS, Voltage}. The advantage to Certified for most MOBO's is the simplicity of changing typically 1 BIOS setting vs manually configuring RAM which is not too complex:
    1. Certified RAM: MOBO Mfg {e.g. ASUS, GA, MSI, etc} tested and certified; including BIOS XMP recognized.
    Crosshair IV Formula {open Memory Support List /QVL}- http://usa.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=kPGmtxee5RsQVsXG

    2. Tested RAM: RAM Mfg {e.g. Corsair,G.SKILL, Kingston, etc} tested and confirmed to work properly with a particular MOBO
    E.G. Corsair - http://www.corsair.com/configurator/product_results.aspx?id=1575023

    I would start-off with 4GB {Win 7 x64}, and if your environment needs more then purchase a second identical set for a total of 8 GB; I like the
    Certified Corsair XMS ($94) - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145260&Tpk=CMX4GX3M2A1600C9
    Tested Corsair Dominator ($120) - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145296&Tpk=CMP4GX3M2A1600C9
    ^Either will work fine for uses as you described.

    Dual vs Quad Channel - Dual is {benchmark} faster, and in real situations like you described above will pose no noticanle differences.
    Initially, I would recommend a (2X2GB) leaving expansion for another (2X2GB) set.
    DDR3_2 | DDR3_1 | DDR3_4 | DDR3_3

    Good Luck!
  4. cool thanks for teaching me and suggesting the right products!

    I read thru certain memory info. I've figured out that DDR1,2,3 refers to the continuation of MHz ratings.....ok. Still slightly confused about DIMMs and placement.

    If AMD Crosshair board does not support triple channel (like putting in 3 sticks), it will then at least do dual channel correct? (2 sticks), and they must be identicle (speed, capacity, latency) to work in tandem correct?

    So, on the board the slots are color coded :) Do I put one stick in Red Channel A and the other in Red Channel B? Use the same color right? Then if later upgrading to 8 gigs (since 6 will be 'uneven', considered tri-channel, and not supported by AMD) I'd need the same sticks in Black Channels A&B? Oh lol I hope this is right.
  5. ^Placement is per your MOBO. You want only DDR3 RAM, and "DDR3_2 | DDR3_1 | DDR3_4 | DDR3_3 " is your MOBO placements; I know it's odd and varies MOBO to MOBO...

    It supports 2 - Dual Channels {Dual Quad}. Black are filled first and then Red.

    Black {A2/B2} is Channel 2, but either can be used; I tend "if possible" to place the DDR away from CPU to keep them cooler. In your MOBO's case either is good and either is the same for proper function. Read Manual p 2-4 / page 40.

    Red {A1/B1} is Channel 1.
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