AMD Athlon XP 2700+ Crashes PC

Hi, I have an ASRock PC, and it works great with my AMD Sempron 2300+, but when I upgraded it to an Athlon XP 2700+, My Keyboard and Mouse became unresponsive, and Windows would just crash upon login. No response what so ever. I could access the BIOS fine, and I noticed that my CPU temprature was rapidly increasing. Please help me.
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  1. did you apply fresh thermal paste?
  2. Is your heatsink sitting tightly after you installed the new CPU?
  3. My fan is running at around 3500 rpm, the heatsink is on properly and i applied fresh thermal paste.
  4. 3500 rpm is kinda a lot! what heatsink is it? maybe the athlon makes more heat. do not let the system over heat like that. it will damage the system. older amd cpus do not have over-temperature shutdown
  5. I have no idea what heatsink it is, but I know it has an Akasa 12V Ball Bearing Fan. If it does get too hot, I usually get a BSOD saying PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA.
  6. hmmm...if u go into the motheboards bios setting try setting the cpu fan to full blast, and set the cpu shutdown temp to like 55-60 degrees if the bios has an option like that.
  7. I've been through every option, and there are none like that.
  8. Your Athlon has a faster FSB than the Sempron, meaning that it is maybe running the memory at incorrect speed. The BIOS don't have any cpu driver so that means that the CPU is running at full power for all it's parts. The OS can turn on or off or adjust the power for the CPU depending of the load. That'why you see temperature increasing in BIOS that don't happen when the OS is loaded.

    The first thing I would do will be uppong the memory voltage to help with the faster FSB. Sure, a BIOS reset is mandatory when changing CPU forthes old system.

    You can also look at the motherboard's capacitors.. If the top is rounded with brownish stuff, then the board might be dying..
  9. You are probably overclocking your processor as the motherboard dose not recognize your processor and even though it may say it is running at 2700 it is running much faster. The solution is to upgrade your BIOS to the latest version or reduce the bus speed to the correct speed for the processor even though it may say on boot up that it is running at a much lower speed.
  10. The 2700+ is new or you got it from someone else?

    I have a amd 2600+ that never goes under 50ºc, with a Vulcano 12 at 3000-4000 rpm :), but I the air flow was so bad that I had to put my power supply outside the cabinet);

    But I crashed it many times trying to overclock, and a couple times I forgoth to plug CPU's fan after cleaning (the first time only after 3 restarts I notice that cpu was working at 100ºc).
  11. I got it used from eBay. I don't even know what overclock means. What setting should I use in the BIOS?
  12. Also, my BIOS has a "CPU Host Frequency" setting. It's currently set to 'By Jumper'. Should I change that?
  13. are you still having problems with your 2700+? :)

    if yes, try to reset bios (clear cmos) before switching CPU.
  14. Quote:
    Also, my BIOS has a "CPU Host Frequency" setting. It's currently set to 'By Jumper'. Should I change that?

    If the Jumper is set at the correct frequency for your processor then you can leave it as it is, the CPU host frequency setting is for over or under clocking your processor.
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