How do I activate the "Turbo Boost" function on a Intel.

I have a locked i7 3700 but it did say that the clock speed can go up to 3.9 Ghz using Turbo Boost, How do I activate this function?


Pre built Dell XPS8500
i7 3770 3.4GHZ
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  1. It should be on by default on pretty much all boards.

  2. Could someone please give a proper answer rather seeing a silly let me google that for you animation...
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    Seriously? The first four links are:
    Intels doco on turbo boost,
    Intel forum on turbo boost not enabled,
    Intel pdf manual on turbo boost,
    And a you tube video on how to enable turbo boost.

    I can't read your mother board manual for you not can anyone else. You provided ZERO system info. I GUARANTEE it should be on by default. If it's the Dell in your sig I know it is and you don't understand turbo boost and didn't read ANY of the info.
  4. Sorre ande
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