Sapphire HD 5750 won't run.

I installed my Sapphire HD 5750 1GB GDDR5, and my system won't boot..I can't get to bios either..nothing. I hope it's not a system compatibility issue.

I'm running an Antec NeoHE 550W, 2GB of ram, Athlon64 2GHZ Clawhammer, my board is an MSI RM480M (about 4 years old), and yes, does support PCIE x16. Everything fit like a charm, power and slot..just don't know where I went wrong.

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  1. Where does it get stuck? I had this same problem with my 4890. What happens? Does it just crash?
  2. When you try and power on the system are fans and/or and lights on drives or the mobo coming on?
  3. it beeps as if to boot and nothing happens and my screen will go to idle power mode and as far as everything being powered the fans are on , the motherboard appears to be working normally. i've even taken the card out to go back to my onboard video card and it works perfectly.

    disabling the onboard in bios before putting the card in only lets me minimize the memory to 16megs and not actually disable the onboard.
  4. This happened to me aswell and sounds like a driver issue. I had this last week when i reinstalled windows. I started my PC without drivers and it just put my screen in idle instead of starting the default drivers.

    Be sure you deleted ALL previous drivers. Can you start your PC in safemode?
  5. Literally, put the card in after changing BIOs (onboard video size), and no boot after I save and exit. Reboot, nothing happens, I can't get to safe mode at this point
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