Replacement for a p5nd-sli

My computer died recently and as it was built by a friend I'm at a loss to get it rebuilt so I wanted to ask a few questions:

First I've got:
4gb ram* (Not sure how fast)
No idea on the hard drive but it's ok and the case just fits the P5ND inside.
the PSU is ~1000w

Now one or all of the *'d items are dead and the guy in the shop said it was most likely the mobo but wouldn't commit unless I payed him to fix it o.O Can't blame him but...

I've been out of the loop with PC hardware for a while (last I built was a P-II system :p ) so I wanted to ask some advice on what to get as replacement. I want a decent gaming system that's not gonna cost the earth so what motherboard/CPU/Memory combination would you suggest that will be happy with my 8800gtx's. I guess no more than £500 budget. Or maybe I should just get a pre-build system. Anyway I would be thankful to anyone who can help me out with a little knowledge :D

Sorry if this is a little breif but I have a 1 month old little girl on my lap wailing for attention ;)
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