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I am building my first computer, and would love to receive some help from the more experienced people in this community. This computer will be used primarily for gaming online, and my price range is about a max of $1500, although any way you can help me save a lot of money will not be frowned upon. Here are the parts I have so far, compatibility or lack there of is my main concern:

Thanks in advance for any help :hello:
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    for the ram you should get a triple channel kit like this

    Samsung Spinpoint F3 is a better HDD

    you can get a smaller PSU and a better GPU

    didn't notice at first but you should have posted this in the new system build forum using their request layout in one of the stickies
  2. Agree with 6GB just enough. Use the savings from the RAM to upgrading the CPU to an i7 930.
  3. Thanks a lot guys this helps a lot!
  4. a few changes....

    get the i7 930 instead of the i7 920....
    also gtx 285 is crappy... for that price i'd rather buy a ati radeon 5850..
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