Prime95 crashing = unstable OC?

My i7-3770k OC's like a dream to 4.2 GHz and runs fine in prime95. But OC'ing to 4.5 GHz and prime95 crashes. Not my system, prime95. I get a message saying that prime95 stopped working.

Does that mean my OC is unstable at 4.5 GHz?
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  1. Yes it's unstable. Here is a guide on how to get it stable if your cooling is adequate.
  2. Thats a pretty good sign of an unstable overclock.
    4.5Ghz is also around when you should start applying more voltage, so I'm no surprised its unstable at that frequency.
  3. Well tried to follow that page for OCing my cpu and memory and now I'm getting BSOD even when I revert to default settings :/
  4. You messed something up. Reset CMOS and start over.
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