How do I tell what memory I have part 2

I just downloaded CPUZ, and it says I have DDR, with a DRAM frequency of ~200MHz - is this DDR 200?
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  1. Right but keep in mind that if u have install it two RAM stick the RAM is running in dual channel or 400MHz u need look for PC-100 or DDR-200 that's the same.
  2. like a matched pair? Or just the same brand. I might skip another stick, as it's using about 94% of RAM. It's got an extra 6% still to go.
  3. Just RAM with the same or similar specifications ie one 1GB stick Kingston with CL5 and 1.8V with one 1GB Trascent CL6 and 1.8V can run in dual channel.
  4. Got it, cheers Saint
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