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Hello, I know this might seem like an innapropriate question for THG but I think it might be relative enough, I have a 9800GT, The game runs fine but I am only able to run the game 32bit, not 64bit because I lost the actual cd and had to download an iso and it wont let me run it 64 bit, do you any of you think that I am losing some performance only being able to run it 32bit?

AMD X2 5600+
9800GT EE 1024MB 256bit
4x1GB ddr2 800
Sata drive, 32mb cache

I know my system isn't up to date but I had to build a budget system..

Is there much difference between 32 bit and 64 bit crysis? would my performance go up if I ran 64bit?

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  1. Hello :)
    Not really,i have tested with both 32 bit and 64 bit and i barely saw any differences
  2. I noticed that I still have 2 gigs of ram left when im in 32 bit, if I was running 64 bit wouldnt that 2 gigs be put to use??? I was also reading that crysis runs 20-30% better with 64 bit in different ways but I am not sure that sounds strange, that's why im in here just getting different opinions, anyway I hope that there is some kind of difference lol
  3. I had 4GB RAM with Vista 64 and never noticed a difference between 32bit and 64bit,other may have other ideas :)
  4. did you notice the 64 bit using more memory then the 32 bit??? there has to be a difference, I know crysis would utilize more then 2 gb of ram..

    did you check your system stats at the time while you were running the game? fps check, memory & cpu usage check?
  5. I dont recall the benchmarks showing much of a difference between 32 bit and 64 bit. One issue I experienced is with the 32 bit version, Crysis would complain about my lack of a page file and would CTD after 30-60 minutes.

    The 64 bit version on Vista or Win 7 (x64) would run happily without a page file. That was about all I noticed between the two so the game must have been using more of the available RAM?
  6. I have never noticed a difference between the two, but admittedly have only really spent time with the 64bit version, since I used xp64 when I built this rig.
  7. Also, if you have a system that can run crysis pretty good you wouldnt notice much difference because its fast enough to run it either way, im just trying to get my fps up because on high settings I average 25-30 so thats why im curious if at 64 bit i would be able to notice a difference
  8. A second card would have a greater impact, I played it on a pair of 8800GT's and 32bit Vista which would get over 50fps in the timed demo island fly by.
  9. I wish I could get another but I would need to get a new motherboard and psu, I have to work with what I have right now, I just put it all together for like 300$ lol.. on a big budget here.. Anyway don't you think I will get even a slight increase going to 64 bit? I mean having a spare 2 gigs that could help wouldn't that help just a lil?

    Thanks for your feedback
  10. No idea tbh, I still only use 32bit for gaming because I'm too tight fisted to splash out for another 2GB of DDR2 RAM.
  11. u should just try it out bro there is no real way of tellin obviously, but i have always found out the best way to figure it out is to just try sorry for bein so blunt but hey good luck bro
  12. no , its cool, im just trying to decide if its worth buying the game all over again, which I guess is what I need to do, I was only able to run 32 bit because of the iso that I have because I lost the cd.. your cool no need to apologize, I do appreciate your help

    thank you
  13. 32bit has no problems reading 4gb. MS 64bit can do something like 128gb, Linux can do like 12gb, Mac can do 16tb.
  14. builderbobftw said:
    32bit has no problems reading 4gb. MS 64bit can do something like 128gb, Linux can do like 12gb, Mac can do 16tb.

    Edumacate yourself
  15. Minor diffrence.
  16. JofaMang said:

    actually he wasn't far off (for 64 bit systems)
    version of win 7 can handle 192GB of memory, not sure about Win Server 2008 R2
    the 2^64 (16EB) is the max the 64bit architecture can use in theory
    right now AMD (idk about intel) is only using 48/64 bits for the address space traces giving 2^48 (256TB)

    i think the max memory is like this for Win7
    Home Basic: 8GB
    Home Premium: 16GB
    Professional/Ultimate: 192GB
  17. wow, this all is great information, thank you. Also I thought the limit for a 32 bit os was like 3.5GB all including video memory, im not sure about that but just what ive read from a few different sources.

    But yea in 32 bit windows 7 it would show 4gb of memory then in (3.5 usable) or somethen like that. I am kind of sad that there's not much difference between the two because I was hoping for a performance difference in crysis, I just purchased my computer too, but i only spent like 280$ on it because I wanted to save up for something really nice, I also have heard that crysis uses more resources then it should, that or its a bit bugggy sometimes, with a computer that should be able to handle it great doesnt handle it as good, like I said I have read this stuff from different sources that arent professional, and as you can tell i'm not typing very good right now, im on my lunch break, when I get home I might fix it.. lol

    Anyway thanks a lot everyone!
  18. is there anything else that can make crysis run better other then cpu and ram? a SSD drive would that make my fps go up? if not, is there a cheap motherboard I can buy that has 2 pci-e slots so I could buy another 9800GT? I cant afford to buy a new cpu, plus I just purchased all of this, how much do u think a motherboard with sli would run? Do they have am2 motherboard with 2 pci-e ? are they expensive? I really gotta work with what I have now or else it will all be a waste

  19. Nah, don't get ssd. No FPS increse, just load times.
  20. I just feel sad I cant run crysis good :( I can get good fps but then when I turn and face somewhere big with lots of stuff going on my fps drops a lot, I can run everything else fine but not crysis, I was totally satisfied with my computer until I started playing crysis lol. even with low settings I still get that skip, it makes like 5-10 fps difference between very high and low unless I crank the resolution down a lot, I even have the settings that the game recommends, not what it requires..

    somethens not right.
  21. Best answer
    It's CRYSIS that's not right.
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