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i have a wireless network card and i cant find free drivers for it its a qcom rt 2560-f where would i go for free drivers
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  1. There is some confusion over whether the brand is qcom or qualcom (or even qualcomm) and Google shows people all over the place seeking drivers. In this situation you are rather on your own and there are commercial sites which will exploit that by trying to sell you drivers (often for more than the card cost).

    Personally I would chuck the thing away and buy a card from a brand name that supports its users (Netgear, Linksys, Dlink come to mind).

    But you might have a look here first:
  2. Sometimes you can take some of the guesswork out of this in Device manager by taking the information from the Details tab of the offending equipment and inputting it in the boxes provided at and hoping it points to the actual manufacturer's driver download. You're only looking for four characters from each of the PCI and VEN details.

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