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I am building a computer from ground up.I have only upgraded a psu and gpu before.My problem is the cables.My psu has so many cables i am simply overwhelmed.I spent alot of money over the last year to have it go to waste because I did something improperly.First question;there is a molex cable that comes from the front panel.It lights up a blue led on the front of my case.Where is safe on the psu to plug it in??Also,coming off my hard drive connector is also 2 molex cables,1 plugs into something and one gets something plugged in it.My psu has so many cables that is it better or even possible to plug everything into seperate cables.Also on the psu there are 4 pin cables,plus there is a cable that two molex cables(the ones that get something plugged into them)and a smaller 4 pin cable(but not like the other 4 pin cables)looks like a cable that plugs into a motherboard like a fan plug or something.Coming from my gtx 295 is 2 molex(they plug into).I am stopped cold.Help would be appreciated. System specs are Raven rvo1case,i-7980,ssd,2 hard drives,gtx 295(have a gtx 480 purchased and inbound on delivery)pc&power cooling 1200watt psu,Asus ws p6t6 revolution mobo,zalman cnps9900 cooler,4 opty drives,12gb of corsair ram.Yeah,i went all out.I have it all put together just the last 10 or so cables have made me blow my patience.sean
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  1. this connector goes into the mobo to power the cpu:

    it doesnt matter which of these you use where:
  2. this is a fan power cable to power the fan:
    if your psu has one of these, plug it into a fan header OR a specific one on the mobo called PWR_FAN:


    see the little end in this picture? the one on the right? if ur psu has one of those, it goes to power one of the case fans is the case fans have that kind of connectro:
  3. thank you for the help. you have answered almost all my problems but one.the last picture of the two molexs does not have the same connector beside it.the one you show is a fan connector or of something similiar.the one coming off my psu has 4.could it be something i just dont need?and the only option i have left is the back of my gpu.there is a slot where it looks like this might fit.I hope i am right somewhere.Then it is power up time.It took me almost a year to save up the money.Again thank you for your help.
  4. no its optional and usually compleltely useless..
    is this what ur card has?
  5. not the last picture u posted but the one with the 2 molexs and the 3 pin case fan is wat i was referring to.there is a cable that comes off of my power supply that has 2 molex and a 4 pin looks like something that is used to power something small.if it helps the wires on this piece are 1 red 1 yellow and 2 black ones. the only place i dont have anything plugged into is the pwr fan.does something have to be in this spot or can it go without.i have all three of my fans connected.
  6. my card has a very small plug hole where only a small connector would fit.i have the six pin and the 8 pin plugs already in the gpu.the back on the other side is where the slot is.maybe not needed.
  7. ok i just saw the same thing on my mobo.the 4 pin cpu fan is the thing with the two molexs.looks almost exactly like i need to connect it to anything??
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    seanny said:
    there is a cable that comes off of my power supply that has 2 molex and a 4 pin looks like something that is used to power something small.
    Floppy drive power
    the only place i dont have anything plugged into is the pwr fan.
    You don't have to plug anything in there, it's just another 3 pin fan connector.
  9. Press that power button!!! :)
  10. ok after a long night of stress i just decided to go to sleep.I woke up and just said to heck with it,if something is wrong i will just buy new parts.I used the pics u guys showed and the valuable info u gave me.I connected the last few molexes and plgged in my mammoth psu and seeing everything come on was a joy.Then when i hit the power button on the case all was well.Thank you guys.I had searched for info for about 4 or so days.I hope my cpu is ok(it sat for awhile after i pieced it all together)can thermal paste sit for a few days or as soon as you apply do you have to power up asap?Again thanks for the help on my confusement.Sean
  11. seanny said:
    can thermal paste sit for a few days ?

    Congrats on the build :)
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