Reducing High Temperatures of i5-750

I recently built a computer with an i5-750 CPU and have started to run into a handful of problems.
When i run SpeedFan and CoreTemp they both report my CPU temperatures as being between 93C and 99C. I'm not too knowledgeable about CPU's, but I am assuming this is unusually high and is probably what's causing my computer to constantly shut down unexpectedly.

I have tried opening up my computer case to allow for more airflow, but that only reduced the temperatures by about 2C. What is a normal temperature for this type of CPU and what can I do to bring my CPU temperatures down to a normal level?
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  1. 93 C? That is extremely high. Is that at idle? At full load? What is the ambient temp by your computer?

    Sounds like your cpu fan isn't installed correctly. When you push on the 4 posts (not the pins), they should stick slightly through the back of the motherboard. And then when you push the pins through - NOTE: you do not turn them to install them, only push on them - you should see each of them come out the other side.

    Another option is to get an aftermarket HSF.
  2. Your CPU is way too hot. Just opening the case won't fix it.
    What cooler are you using? Anyway, my guess is that at least one of the following is happening:
    1 - you have attached your cooler incorrectly.
    2 - you have used too much or too little thermal paste.
    3 - you have chosen a poor 3rd party cooler.
  3. Thank you both so much. This the first computer I've built by myself, and it turns out that I didn't push the four posts on the heatsink into place. After pushing those posts in, my CPU is now sitting at around 40C.

    My computer sounds much quieter now as well, thanks.
  4. Glad it was that easy. With these stock heatsinks that's a very common mistake to make. Enjoy your rig.
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