Gtx 580 waterblock incorrect install?

Hello Every one kind having a heating issue on my gtx 580. alphacool nexxxxxxosss Water Block

Idle temps are @ 29* load temps 85*+. While gaming at the moment no crazy hot temps but i was looking around to see if maybe I mounted the item wrong the pic below shows a different way to add the heat pads then my instructions said to do it.

As you can see the pads to not cover R inductors and in the normal heat sink there were not covered ether so do you think that having the pad on them is causeing an Issue. and not allowing the proper placement for the water cooling block on my gpu core?
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  1. Ok so I didn't wait for a response even though is late at 4am.

    I opened it up cut off the tabs over the R inductors.
    idle temps are now at 20* :)) checking load temps in a sec.

    reporting back max temps are now 44* has max load for 10 min+

    Thanks all sometimes you just need to write out a problem before you can realize the answer.
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