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The other day I were reading a debate about memory on another forum and it got me thinking.

Most motherboards have two, three or four memory slots that can take up quite a bit of room on a board. Having that many slots on a motherboard, can cause all sorts of problems, like access and heat problems.

So I were thinking, why don't motherboards have only one memory slot. My idea is, You have only one memory slot and you can buy just, one memory stick with, 512, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB and 8GB.

This would me much simpler, would cost less, have more room on motherboard for other things and only one slot to worry about. Plus it's better to get into your PC without to much hassle. I'm no expert but why has this not been done or though of before?

Would my idea work? what do you think? :)
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  1. You cannot have dual or triple channel RAM with only one slot, and since most modern cpus use dual or triple channel memory, you would be wasting cpu performance.
  2. ^^ Well said treefrog.

    And sure, getting rid of a few extra slots of ram might clear things up, but with proper cable management ram really shouldn't be restricting access in any way. The only cable I could ever see crossing overtop of the memory might be the 4/8 pin cpu psu connector.
  3. You have all missed the point. With current generation CPUs this would not work because, as you say, they have dual or triple channel memory.

    This could be used in future processors and could be implemented on the CPU, just like it is now. Intel have only just started including the memory controller on their CPUs. So they could do the same for this with one memory lane.

    It can be tuned to work as it is now or even better.

    If intel are in the habit of changing sockets with every new processor, then it won't be to hard to implement this on new motherboards and CPU's. Same for AMD.

    So what do you think about the idea, for future motherboards and on CPU's? :)
  4. JordoR, unfortunately the ram slots can be in the way.

    I have lots of cabels in my PC and they go over the RAM. Not much I can do about it. My power connector is in a bad place, right next to the RAM. It is a pain.

    Here is a picture of the inside of my PC. You can just make out the Ram slots.


  5. Hmm fair enough, your case seems pretty cramped.

    Most cases I've dealt with there is usually about a 4-6" space at the back of the motherboard to run your cables through so they don't go overtop of the ram.

    But looking to the future, of course it would be better to just have one piece of ram rather than 2 or more...but maybe in a few years.
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