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Okay, so I have the M2N-SLI Deluxe and after a lot of reading I've decided to go the route of upgrading the CPU to a P2 945. I've ordered it and it's being shipped as I type. I'm curious about the 5001 bios update for it. I see from the ASUS support website that it's in BETA. What I'm curious about is the disclaimer that says "This version has removed LAN option ROM." What exactly does that mean?

Also, has anyone used this on THIS board? HOW did you flash the Bios? Did you use a floppy, or usb drive? ASUS says to use AFUDOS bios procedure. But I thought I read someone swearing to use AWDFLASH procedure instead. I have always had help flashing bios before, so I have no idea what the difference is.

Appreciate the help.
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    LAN Option ROM = Boot your pc from network controller.
    I don't think you will ever need this if you are a home user.
    I have always used stiffy to flash and USB stick once or twice. I would say the USB would be best because if your bios files are corrupted on the stiffy you sit with a major problem. AWD flash i must agree has alsways been the easiest for me (old school) AFUDOS i'm not to sure about

    Hope this helps
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  3. So, just in case there's another inexperienced person out there who's never flashed their bios and worried about rendering their computer temporarily useless here's how I solved my problem. After days of reading and going back and forth on whether to use a USB drive or a bootable cd-rom... I finally decided on the USB drive.

    I did this for a couple of reasons. First, using the cd-rom required burning both the bios update and the software to convert it to an image file that's bootable. Second, it requires you change boot drive order in your bios. (which is easy, but another step) And third, since my ASUS board includes E-Z Flash 2, and the manual mentioned a flash drive, it seemed like a no-brainer.

    So, FIRST, I reset all my bios configurations so nothing was overclocked.

    Then, I took a 500mb drive (yes it's old) and cleared everything off it. I didn't format it or anything. I found the 5001 bios I needed, save it to my computer, used winzip to unzip it... then extracted it to the usb drive.

    Then following manual instructions, I restarted, entered bios, found the E-Z flash, highlighted the new bios and flashed it. It restarted itself just fine and I was done. Just like that. I restarted again, got into bios... went back to EZ-Flash 2 to see whether current bios listed was now 5001.

    Next step is yanking out my 9850 and putting in my new Phenom II 945. Now I just have to figure out whether to use the oversized AMD heatsink I'm using now, the the rinkydink one that came with the P2 945. Good Luck.
  4. I'm running the M2N-SLI board, (NOT the deluxe edition). I just upgraded my BIOS about 10 min. ago from 2.1 or whatever the factory version was... To BIOS version 5001 using ASUS Update version 7.18.03 and it worked flawlessly for me. Before updating my BIOS I couldn't run a Phenom x4 9750 (Quad Core). After this update I installed the CPU once again, and... Presto Changeo! Works absolutely phenomenally! (no pun intended) LOL :-P VERY HAPPY with how it turned out. (you have to use the latest version of asus update. Also, I STRONGLY recommend having asus update download the new BIOS and save it so that you can "update from file" as opposed to "update from internet" The ONLY time I will EVER suggest "update from internet" for a BIOS update. Is if you want a paper weight for a MOBO.
  5. will this work for msi k9n sli v2? same chipset
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