Bluescreen one time?

we have a Supermicro X7DA8 Motherboard and 4x Hynix HYMP112F72CP8D3-Y5 Rams.

We get one time a Bluescreen (stop:0x00008086) and then never again. there is no minidump or something else.

The Bluescreen appears when we test the PC for 3 or 4 days nonstop.

Because we sell the PC's we must find out whats wrong ?!

have somebody any idea? and sorry for my bad english ;)
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  1. What OS are you running? I realize this is a Xeon MOBO, but that error is a Windows disk integrity error. And you'll need to run either Windows CKDSK or similar App for disk errors & repairs. If that fails then it's probably a good time to replace that {bad} disk(s) {RAID}. In a Production machines replace HDDs > 5-6 years.

    In addition, RAM can cause a similar error. Create a bootable Memtest CD/DVD - However, that utility "may not" be supported for your MOBO, and you can use another RAM testing App to R/O.

    In reviewing, the 1GB 667 ECC was listed Certified -
    Verify that you are running all of the latest drivers.
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