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Hey Guys,

So I have been trying to figure out this problem I have been having with my computer for last couple days, and it's driving me nuts. The first symptoms of the problem where blue pixels in the black areas of my monitor, and the computer would freeze shortly after. Upon doing some research I found out that my 8800 gtx was fried and decided to get a new card. After installing the new card, which was a 9400gt, I started getting intermittent freezing, basically from any kind of function from the computer i.e web browsing, watching videos. So I ran the system in safe mode for awhile, and it ran fine. So I figured it had to be something with graphics driver or card itself, but the drivers were fully updated, so I just chalked it up to another faulty card.
After returning that card I went with a new card a ATI HD 4650, installed it updated the drivers, and it seemed to be working great, no crashing or freezing from browsing or streaming videos.

But when I tried to play a game it freezes about 15 secs into game. I tried playing several different games and I get the same results every time. All the games were fully updated, OS is up to date, video card driver up to date. I can't seem to put my finger on the problem please help!


System Specs:
Windows XP 32
Asus P5n32 SLI SE- deluxe (mobo)
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4 GHz Conroe
2 GB Corsair 800 MHz RAM
Seagate 500 GB 7200rpm HDD
Xfx ATI HD 4650

*If you need to know any other system specs please feel free to ask
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  1. 3 different cards and all of them has failed on your system...
    I'm more suspecting your motherboard.
    Try your card on another computer, if it work then your card is fine...
  2. Maybe motherboard. Check your CPU temps, in addition. Have you considered reinstalling windows?
  3. I was thinking it maybe the mobo, but all the symptoms weren't exactly the same so I thought there was a possibility it wasn't . I also tried the 2 of the cards in the secondary PCIe slot and I was getting the same results. Could it be possible that both of the PCIe slots are bad on my mobo, or maybe the bridge that controls the PCIe slots? Yes I have reinstalled Windows and the CPU temps are fine.
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