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This is my first post here, so firstof all I want to say Hi to everyone!:)

So i gotta question about my motherboard.
I have Old Asus P5K/EPU mobo. There's a p35 chipset here, and im about to overclock my q6600 that im running right now. I've searched a lot of forums and realized that mobo is pretty important compenent when overclocking your CPU. My question: does my p5k/epu is any good overclocking my quad q6600?

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    I figured I'd add some here as well. The P5k isn't bad honestly, but I'm not sure on it's clocking ability. But I did find this guide with simple google search.
  2. Thanks. BTW I've just figured out that my q6600 has go stepping. So i think ill buy new cooler from coolermaster 212 evo, and ill try to overclock it:)
  3. Another question ( :D ) I have ddr2 2x2gb csx ram memory. would that work forocing?

    P.S. I know thats about rams, just didnt want to make a new thread
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