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I'm attempting to oc my AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE using the AMD catalyst control center. The test starts fine but once it reaches 4000mhz and 5 frequencies tested my screen locks up. Nothing works. Any suggestions? Also I had to manually reboot and the CPU was oc'd to 3900mhz even though the test didn't complete.
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  1. I'm thinking that 3.9 is where Catalyst Control Center has reached it's creative capabilities. I'm further thinking that you're going to have to use BIOS to get anything more out of your CPU. A quick search found a few nice clocks for your CPU, you might want to take a peek at some of the settings others have used to get higher than 3.9
    What cooling do you have for your CPU?
  2. I just picked up Corsair's Hydro H60 Liquid CPU Cooling System. I havent done any bios overclocking or tinking with voltage so I'm very new to that concept.
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    Was the H60 installed when you ran CCC test? If not, you might try again to see where you get with the H60 installed. If it was, look at what the settings are, write them down somewhere for reference, look at other people's overclocks for the 965BE. It may help to search with your motherboard info also. Ask the questions about your BIOS settings. When asking, it helps us to know what motherboard you have since the BIOS uses different wording for settings depending upon manufacturer
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