Which 5870 ?

Just sent back a Sapphire 5850 because of very poor performance and have ordered an ASUS 5870 instead but im not sure if i made the right choice.

I have a small window where i can change my order and ive been thinking about Gigabyte or HIS 5870.

What do you guys think ?

Are there any real differences in card quality from either 1 or the other or would you go for the Gigabyte over the ASUS ?

You do get a nice little torch come screwdriver thingy with the HIS & a case badge.

Its so confusing somebody please give me some guidance ?
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  1. Get the cheapest one
    All are absolutly same

    Unless its an OC version or Vapour-X one.
    Get the cheapest you can find
  2. What about the other specs?
    5870 might an overkill, depend on your system.
    But agree, if they all are on the same prices(not too far), choose the cheapest. :)
  3. Have you considered XFX? They have nice warranties on their cards.
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