Power supply making noise and smell

I walked in my room where my pc had been running and the power supply fan was racing and there was a smell ( not really burning but the smell of the power supply magnified). There was no signal to the monitor and the motherboard light was flickering. I had to shut down the power supply switch to turn it off. I felt the psu and it was not hot. I waited a few minutes and turned it back on and it seems everything is okay but i suspect its too good to be true. Anyone know whats going on here? Is my power supply about to take a dump? (I've had it for around 3 years)

630 watt psu
LGA 775 MB w/8400(3.0) duel core cpu w/ coolmaster v8
ATI 5870
1 hardrive
1 cd/dvd burner
4 gb ram
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  1. What Make and model PSU do you have the 5870 needs a good amount of power and if it is a cheap PSU it could be getting ready to fail. Make sure all dust is cleaned out of it and also cheack for any bulgeing caps in it.
  2. Any idea what brand psu it is? CHeck all cables in the case also check the motherboard for any burn marks. Also make sure the fan in your psu is spinning nice and easy and blow out any dust that is in both your psu and any fans and heatsinks in your case. To me it sounds like a possible overheat and the psu is about to fail. If you replace the psu go with a corsair or antec true power psu. I use the corsair in all my builds and get phenomenal performance.
  3. 630 watts ?sounds like a deer or solytech fab
  4. obsidian86 said:
    630 watts ?sounds like a deer or solytech fab

    Another Raidmax
  5. also seen a Rosewill with 630 watts
  6. Any good 630 watt PSU's? :)
  7. jsc said:
    Any good 630 watt PSU's? :)

    This doesn't look bad, but for the price that's listed I'd go with something I know
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