FSB vs RAM help/gfx card<----100-150 price range

I'm thinking on upgrading my ram to these OCZ Reapers that are 1066mhz, but my friend kept going on about how the ram has to be half your fsb or else it'll just get halved automatically. I have a core 2 Q9300. Should get this upgrade or not?

I have a 9800GTX currently, and i want to upgrade. which gfx card would be the best bang for the buck currently.
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  1. what ram have you currently got? upgrading your ram wont do much if you already got a 4gb ddr2 800 kit... and upgrading your GPU isnt going to be very benefical either
    Recommended to upgrade at least three tiers, which means youre looking at a 5970... thats money best spent on a future new build if you ask me
  2. As far as RAM, it'd be helpful to know what motherboard you're using, and what RAM you're currently using. As pineapple says, depending on what you're upgrading from, it may not be worthwhile.

    I believe 3 tiers up would be a 5870, which is a little more reasonable, but it's still expensive.

    For upgrading your graphics card:
    * what is your monitor's resolution? -- see the linked article for best recommendations at your resolution
    * what is your budget? -- see if the recommendation matches your budget
    * what games do you play? -- if you don't play FPS games, you may not need something as beefy as the article recommends
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