I5 3570k + MSI Z77A-G43 + hyper cooling 212 - Is this safe at 4.6ghz?

Hiya, so i am thinking of buying the following:

i5 3570k + MSI Z77A-G43 + hyper cooling 212

Would it safe to OC this cpu to around 4.6ghz with the hyper 212...and would this be possible with this mobo?

Sorry if i seem like a dumbass, i've never overclocked before

Also, buying all the stuff seperated would cost me £245, but buying the following:

i5 3570k overclocked at 4.6ghz with asus z77 mobo and hyper 212 would cose £290

Is it worth me paying an extra £45 so that someone has already overclocked it for me, and promises its safe (on eBay), or is it that simple, that i should do i my self?

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  1. It sounds doable, but you have to think about the heat issues with Ivy. I actually own the EVO 212 I believe, and also the i52500K, which is inferior, but doesn't get as hot. I have gotten my CPU up to 4.8ghz, but for an everyday OC, it wasn't really worth it in the long run, so I settled at 4.5ghz. That is just anecdotal evidence however, so you probably want to start lower and work your way up and run a stress test like prime95, and if that works, check your temps in BIOS as well as in your OS with something like coretemp or AIDA64. Good luck.
  2. Actually, thinking it over, 4.6 is probably not going to be safe for a day-to-day OC. Realistically, 4.5ghz is probably the best you will get if you got a good chip. I could be wrong though, it's why I said start low and work your way up gradually. I know it can be frustrating and time-consuming, but it's worth it in the end to not just crank it to where you think it can go. :)
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