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If I use hardware RAID for a RAID 5 volume and my mobo goes bad, do I have to replace the mobo with the exact brand/model or can I purchase whatever brand/model of my choosing? Or better put, are there standards for RAID implementation that will allow me to recover a volume in the case of mobo failure?

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  1. I switched mobo and moved my raid 0 drives over. At first, I was sure they needed to be repartitioned and formatted, but the OS recognized the volume without me doing anything.

    Both motherboards use Intel raid controllers, but the old mobo is 3+ years old.

    So I guess there's no guarantee, but in my case it works right away.
  2. RAID 5 is by far more resiliency than ^ RAID 0 {so divac is a good example}, and the MOBO is of no consequence; particularly when a Controller is used.. If you are moving the RAID HDD's & Controller - piece of cake. In case of MOBO failure the best method is a battery back-up for the RAID Controller {it will hold the write cache}; yes, even if transplanted.
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