Is gtx compatible with asus m3n78

i wanna know if asus m3n78 motherboard is compatible with Nvidia geforce gt 460, thanks
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  1. ^ Yes, it will support the GTX 460 GPU. There are (3) flavors of m3n78 {VM/EH/PRO}. All have a 1 x PCIe x16.

    VISTA ONLY {NOT Windows 7} In addition, they all appear to offer "Hybrid SLI" support; I have NOT had experience using a GPU + on-board GPU; therefore, my "guess" is that you "might" be able to use the on-board for some benefit ~ PhysX.

    WIKI -
  2. Thank for you answer, all it needs is a pci express?
  3. is it (geforce gtx 460) compatible with windows xp service pack 3?
  4. ^ The GTX is a PCIe x16 express GPU; and looking at all (3) spec's your MOBO has 1 PCIe x16 slot.
  5. ^ XP SP3 32-bit {also available in 64-bit XP}
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