5850 HD and a E5200

Sorry for posting another post, But here goes nothing.

Alright, I'll have the 5850 pretty soon, But i still didn't get a good reply about my cpu. I'm at 3.33ghz with the stock fan.
Cooler Master Hyper TX2, Is this a good cpu cooler? How far could i over clock my E5200 to with this cooler? I was planing on 3.6 or 4.0. Then would the cpu be enough for the vga? I was also going to get a 500-600watt power supply for the vga.
I'm not going to buy a new CPU cause of my budget, But i was also thinking. I'm going to keep the E5200 with the vga for now, But like in a month or two. My next upgrade would be a new mobo and the i7. So the vga should work fine with the i7.

By the way, im running at 1920x1080 resolution. Any tips or helpful advice would be useful. Thanks =)
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    The thing is, I am seeing some sort of bottleneck at 3.33 GHz.
    It will restrict 5850 from performing fully.
    However, 3.6 GHz sounds good and 4.0 GHz sounds Great
    4.0 GHz will do more than good

    Cooler is absolutly fine
  2. Its absolutly fine

    GooD LucK
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